Basilisk Plot

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Cosmic evil and everyday faith collide in The Basilisk Plot, a fast-paced adventure that engulfs humans, angels, and demons in deadly conflict.

For thousands of years the demon Zhoul—known to his followers as the Basilisk—has prepared a plan that will kill millions of humans in one swift blow. Now his foolproof trap is ready to spring. But Zhoul hasn’t counted on Michael Wayde.

Michael’s life is outwardly normal—despite having an angel for a father—until the angel Arcadis arrives with a mystical stone, the Flame Star, that transports Michael between the dimensions of humans (Tertia) and angels (Primus). Soon Michael is caught up in a deadly plot that spans both worlds: in the human dimensions Michael searches a sinister corporate complex for clues to a murder, while the killer tries to make Michael the next victim. Michael’s discoveries lead him back to Primus where millions of souls are being herded together for slaughter.

Now the race is on to stop Zhoul before he can unleash his rage against unsuspecting mortals. Michael has the proof he needs to expose the Basilisk Plot, but his proof is hidden deep inside the Basilisk’s own fortress! And, as Michael learns, battling a demon isn’t easy, especially when your only helper is an angel who refuses to fight. Michael plunges into a desperate battle that challenges his wits as well as his faith. Along the way he learns the reality of God’s sovereignty, and Arcadis discovers the mystery of God’s grace.

The Basilisk Plot will remain vivid long after the last chapter—a must-read for anyone who loves adventure, suspense, and rugged Christian faith.

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